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    Find Your Wild and Uncultivated Country

    bush·whack ˈbo͝oSHˌ(h)wak 1) live or travel in wild or uncultivated country. 2) cut or push one’s way in a specified direction through dense vegetation. About a week ago on Facebook I posted a short rant err … essay. And today I was thinking that I hadn’t made a Casting Around [read more...]
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    News: New Rod From The Tenkara Times

    The Tenkara Times has revealed a new rod in their lineup – The WaterShed 400. I think it looks pretty sharp. I have one on the way to check out. According to the website it’s a 406 cm rod (which comes to about 13’4″) weighing in at 82 grams or 2.9 oz. It’s a soft rod [read more...]

    A Poem: The Curse of the Early Trout

    The Curse of the Early Trout Right away she gives you a trout- butter belly and orange red spots- and misreading the message you lean into the day with a skull full of fish. She thought this was what you wanted- this fish. There have been misunderstandings and confusions between you before of [read more...]

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