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    Month #1: Tenkara Shirt of the Month

      The Tenkara Shirt of the Month is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The opportunities that I’ve had to create designs for various tenkara events has been a highlight of my tenkara life. I love creating those designs – and I’ve always wanted to do more [read more...]
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    Give a Dry a Try…for fun and profit

    Kids can teach you a lot or remind you about things that maybe you have forgotten. As I was fishing with my daughter recently I was hoping for her to have fun…of course. So as we made our way to the small stream behind the cottage I tied on a dry fly. As I helped her and watched her fish I [read more...]
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    Tenkara Technique: Swinging Wetflies

    Ever since I started fly fishing, just over 20 years ago, magazine articles have been urging us not to forget about those old fashioned wetflies. They have been declared dead and “re-discovered” many times over. I won’t be so bold as to re-discover them yet again but I will tell [read more...]

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