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    News: New Rod From The Tenkara Times

    The Tenkara Times has revealed a new rod in their lineup – The WaterShed 400. I think it looks pretty sharp. I have one on the way to check out. According to the website it’s a 406 cm rod (which comes to about 13’4″) weighing in at 82 grams or 2.9 oz. It’s a soft rod [read more...]

    A Poem: The Curse of the Early Trout

    The Curse of the Early Trout Right away she gives you a trout- butter belly and orange red spots- and misreading the message you lean into the day with a skull full of fish. She thought this was what you wanted- this fish. There have been misunderstandings and confusions between you before of [read more...]
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    The Distance Between One and Zero

      The Distance Between One and Zero by Anthony Naples The outdoor newspaper article read something like “butterball trout shaped like footballs…” The stream was in the same state – but still very far away. And pretty remote too. Nothing but potato farms and starch plants factories, [read more...]

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