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    Tenkara Fly Angles: Paul Vertrees

    This is the third installment in the ongoing series on Casting Around called Tenkara Fly Angles. The other angles featured in the previous posts in the series are: Rob Lepczyk with his Dr. Ishigaki inspired kebari. And Christope Laurent with a Zenmai kebari This time we go to Colorado with Paul [read more...]
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    Tenkara Fly Angles: Christophe Laurent

    Here’s the second in what (I hope) is going to be an ongoing series on Casting Around, Tenkara Fly Angles. The first angler featured in the series was Rob Lepczyk with his Dr. Ishigaki inspired kebari. This time we go international with Christophe Laurent.  Christophe’s Zenmai-dou Hook: [read more...]
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    Q&A with Morgan Lyle author of Simple Flies

    A while back I bought Morgan Lyle’s Simple Flies: 52 Easy-to-Tie Patterns that Catch Fish with the intention of reviewing it here if I liked it. Well… I did like it… a lot… but I decided that I wanted to get some copies to sell over at my shop Three Rivers Tenkara (get the [read more...]

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