• moon

    Footprints on the Moon

    Weather and schedule have really been putting a damper on my fishing so far this spring. As a result I’m not getting new inspiration, so I figured I’d share something throwback. This piece was originally posted a few years back on Karel Lansky’s page Tenkara on the Fly – but [read more...]
  • casting fig 1

    Small Stream Tactics – Part 1

    For the last few years I’ve focused on small trout streams. In my rambles I’ve stumbled on a thing or two.  I suspect none of what I’ve learned adds anything to the fly fishing canon. But perhaps some of it will be new to a few folks. Or maybe I’ll remind you of something [read more...]
  • Sakasa Kebari

    The Magic Shrinking Hackle

    If you’re like me you’ve probably noticed that it can be pretty difficult to find just the right sized hackle. I’m not going to discuss the issue of “proper” hackle size too much here.  I will give my particular personal take on it though. When it comes to hackle size [read more...]

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