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    Tenkara Colors Profile: Dave Southall

    I have always been more interested in looking at the unique styles and variations among tenkara anglers rather than dwelling on similarities. I love to see what techniques and strategies different anglers have adapted, developed and modified for their own water and their particular needs and [read more...]
  • Anthony Naples (left) and Jason Klass (right)

    Now Taking Questions for Tenkara Cast Episode 2

    The next episode of Tenkara Cast (with myself and Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk) is going to feature John Vetterli and ERiK Ostrander of Tenkara Guides LLC. ERiK and John recently returned from a trip to Japan where they fished with modern tenkara masters Masami “Tenkara no Oni” [read more...]
  • Anthony Naples (left) and Jason Klass (right)

    The Tenkara Cast Podcast: Episode 1

    Anthony Naples (left) and Jason Klass (right) Hey all – I’m pretty excited to present the first episode of a new tenkara podcast called The Tenkara Cast, brought to you by me, Anthony Naples and Jason Klass of the Tenkara Talk blog. The Tenkara Cast is in its early stages, and [read more...]

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